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Nothing says luxury like a pure soy scented candle.  Handpoured in small batches, these beautiful candles are made from pure soy wax and cotton lead free wicks. The signature scent of Silk Magnolia will fill your space and soothe your senses. Choose from a range of cool quotes that suit your style or choose one for your friend!

Burn time 15 hours approimately 


Care and Use Instructions:

Set the memory for your candle on it's first burn by ensuring your candle melts evenly and all the way to edges. This will ensure you get the best burn time from your candle everytime and protect against tunnelling. 

​Always burn your candle in a safe place and never leave unattended.

Trim the wicks to 2mm before you light your candle to get the best burn time and cleanest burn.










Brand Silk Magnolia
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