About Us

Silk Magnolia is Australia’s premier supplier of 100% pure mulberry silk bedding, sleepwear, hair and wellness accessories. 100% Australian owned, all beautiful products are designed and sourced by us. We are proud to locally make our entire range of silk cot sheets and face masks, as well as some pillowcases and eye masks. We work closely with local textile designers for our print collection.

As many people are retiring, Ros McAllister decided it was the perfect time to follow her long-held passion and start a new business. She founded the luxury pillowcase and eye mask brand Silk Magnolia in 2010. One of the reasons she was inspired to start the label was to keep her mind active after suffering a stroke 12 months prior. When she had her stroke she said to herself ‘this is no good, one has got to keep the brain active’.  She had worked for her husband’s business previously, as he was planning on retiring, she decided it was her turn to follow her passion.

She started the business on the dining room table, it took a year to take the idea from concept to launch. Ros has always been passionate about quality fabric, especially silk, and decided this would be her niche.

“I had this vision of doing silk bedding. At the time there really was nothing around” says Ros. “There are a lot of benefits to silk. When you are sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, the cotton drags our skin, whereas silk doesn’t and Silk, with its 18 Amino Acids retains moisture in the skin. It was quite a big task to take on and I think people thought it wasn’t going to work, but I had nothing to lose – it was my passion. I had to build the brand myself and I kept at it, now we have a wonderful wholesale and online business and a team of 5 female staff, all who work part time to cater for children and studies. It is wonderful to have my granddaughter working for me as well. I like to think that I am living proof that it is never too late to follow your dreams.”

Love to know more? Phone us on 03 4225 5558 or email sales@silkmagnolia.com.au

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